Our Mission

Innovation idles when only the few can participate. Trashbots is for the many. 


Our experiences as students and educators opened our eyes to the obstacles preventing the expansion of STEM education in schools and at home.


One, despite an excess of interest, a lack of access continues to inhibit growth among young

people. Two, both schools and people at home are intimidated by the knowledge barriers associated with robotics and coding.


These are both problems that Trashbots solve.


Our goal is to make robotics and coding accessible. We aim to give everyone the tools to spark

their natural creativity. A carefully developed curriculum and training makes life simple for teachers, while our ever-growing library of content keeps our community challenged.


Whether you have access to a supercomputer or a basic smartphone, a garage full of tools, or a recycling bin, our platform is equally yet uniquely adaptable. We believe no one should be denied the opportunity to develop creative and critical thinking skills. That’s why we created a platform that works both in schools and at home.


Get out there and play productively.

What We Do

Simple. We provide individuals and schools a comprehensive robotics platform.

We advocate making hands-on STEM accessible to all. Trashbots comes with the hardware to

build, the software to code, and the learning resources to ensure you master your craft.  

Whether you have a breadth of experience with robotics and coding or none at all, Trashbots adjusts to your specific needs.


From a custom programming language built to introduce the basics of coding, to adaptable hardware, we encourage creativity and improvisation. As your skills develop, so do the possibilities.

Trashbots is unlimited in its potential. We want you think outside the box - literally. Find inspiration from a random drawer in the kitchen or take apart a broken appliance. One person’s trash is another person’s perfect piece.  


Trashbots is user-friendly, interactive science. 

Who We Are

Co-Founders Rohit and Sidharth Srinivasan are brothers and entrepreneurs who have spent their formative years fascinated by technology and its ability to change lives.

While volunteering at orphanages across India they witnessed a lack of opportunities afforded to children regarding STEM education, which clashed with their own positive experiences. The saw a need for a platform - not a product. A solution that is both accessible and adaptable to any environment.

The result was Trashbots. A company comprised of students & engineers seeking to democratize STEM learning. We have a unique perspective informed by our journey through the modern U.S. educational system. We know what you need, because we’ve lived it.


We are a community of creators pushing the boundaries of robotics and coding.

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Rohit Srinivasan, Co-Founder


Chris Strzok,



Sidharth Srinivasan, Co-Founder

Other Advisors

Paul Austin,

Co-Founder & Advisor

Carl Hooker,

Chief Evangelist

Joe Lamoreaux, Manufacturing Expert

Daraius Hathiram,

Hardware Expert

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