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A cost-effective solution at scale that works with computers, phones, and tablets.


Tangible learning is essential to keeping students engaged.

Problem Solving

A fun way to challenge your students to collaborate and experiment.

Educator Support

A leap forward in simplifying STEM education for teachers with pre-built lesson plans.

Why Trashbots is perfect for schools

Trashbots is the future of accessible STEM education.

In the past, high costs and the need for specialized staffing has made it difficult for teachers to introduce robotics into the classroom. Not anymore.  

With ready to go lesson plans and a durable product, teachers have access
to a seamless and low-cost classroom integration that immediately expands their STEM
capabilities. An adaptable curriculum across grades K-12 means the benefits will last for
years to come.

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Our full-service robotics platform comes with the hardware to build, the software to
code, and the training resources to support interactive learning.

The platform works within any existing infrastructure; from high-priced computers to low-cost tablets, making Trashbots truly universal.

Our platform cultivates a community of hands-on learners and we provide an outlet
for true collaboration. Students will use technology to implement creative problem
solving and build technical confidence.

Let us establish your school as a beacon of innovative thinking. Let us prepare your
students for a future of success. Let us create something new together.


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Trashbots with my students.  It was the perfect tool for them to explore design thinking and allowed them hands on time to experiment and practice what they learned. I look forward to using Trashbots again next year for the same teaching unit."


"I have used several of [Trashbots'] level 2 activities and plan to use the python lessons in the future. I am enjoying them and impressed with their durability so far because my students are by no means careful!"


"The students (8th grade) enjoyed working with the Trashbots and found the robots themselves and in the online interface pretty straightforward. They REALLY liked the composition activity and wanted to spend extra time on that part decorating their Trashbots."


"Trashbots provides our students an authentic and accessible opportunity to develop their creativity, collaboration, perseverance, curiosity and critical thinking skills in robotics and STEM. It is the perfect kit for students of all ages looking to expand their knowledge using resources found in their own backyards!"


"Students can learn to collaborate as they complete robotics and tasks using coding. Authentic, real-world problem solving and analytical thinking is easy to do with Trashbots. Trashbots make use of many of the objects you already have or find in a recycling bin. This is the feature with separates them from traditional robotics programs in that the possibilities are endless."


"I read about Trashbots in Entrepreneur almost a year back. That was in my bucket for my kid, and it one played out perfectly well. He unboxed it one day back and is glued to it. Great resources and controls for the thingy. Truly world class and this achievement from teenage entrepreneurs makes it even more surreal."

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